Jun 16th, 2022

Google has pretty much made its upcoming Pixel 6a handset official during its I/O Conference held in May, sharing specs and images about the much-anticipated sequel to the Pixel 5a. However, this hasn’t stopped the internet from digging whatever info it can about the device, and a new set of visual leaks show Google’s new A-series handset in action.

Several new marketing and promotional images, as well as additional product renders, were shared by noted tech informant Evan Blass. On his Twitter page, Blass posted several photos of the Pixel 6a, which include shots of the device from different angles, as well as photos that show the phone being used in different scenarios.

The 6a has been featured in numerous leaks, speculations, and predictions online in the past several months, with Google confirming most of these during its official announcement of the phone at Google I/O. The phone will take its place as Google’s newest mid-range device, which up until this point has been the Pixel 5a. Unlike the 5a though, the Pixel 6a will be available in more markets globally (the 5a was only launched in the US and Japan).

The Pixel 6a will come with Google’s Tensor chip, a 6.1-inch OLED display, and dual 12-megapixel cameras at the back. It’s set to launch later in July this year.

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