YouTube Premium loyal subscribers are being given a year’s free service


What’s the longest you’ve ever stayed subscribed to a service? Have you ever been rewarded for a particularly long subscription? We don’t suppose not, but it seems that YouTube has decided to reward some of its longest-standing subscribers.

According to a post on Reddit, one user claims that upon hitting the 2,222 days of subscription to YouTube Premium, they noticed a “Time to celebrate” button in the YouTube Music app for Android. Tapping on it presented a new screen with images of presents and confetti, along with a notification informing them that for being such a loyal subscriber, they are now being gifted with a one year subscription to YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free with support for offline listening and viewing and background playback.

Image credit u/Mental-prison @ Reddit

As noted by 9to5Google, this is essentially worth around $120, which is how much an annual subscription to YouTube Premium would cost if you were to subscribe one year at a time. This is actually a pretty good deal and $120 is by no means a small amount of money to save.

We’re not sure if 2,222 days is the required amount of days users need to rack up in order to unlock this gift. We’re also not sure if this is a temporary promotion, or if all users who hit 2,222 days will be able to unlock it as well in the future, but either way, it’s pretty cool and generous of YouTube to make such an offer.

Source: 9to5Google

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