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Amazon’s latest virtual shopping feature lets you see how a pair of sneakers will look on your foot from every angle before you buy them. The online retailer has updated its iOS mobile shopping app with a new interactive feature dubbed “Virtual Try-On.” The function utilises augmented reality to allow customers to digitally try on something like a pair of sneakers.

The AR shopping function is available for glasses and T-shirts, in addition to shoes. The idea, according to Amazon, is to assist marketers showcase their items while also informing users’ purchasing decisions.

New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Superga, Lacoste, Asics, and Saucony are some of the brands that have implemented AR. The Virtual Try-On option will appear on the list page beneath eligible items when you’re using the Amazon app to shop. When you press the button, your smartphone’s camera will be pointed at your feet.

Image Credit : Amazon

The tool allows you to explore numerous viewpoints of the virtual shoes by shifting your feet, making the experience more engaging. Without leaving the virtual experience, you can also swipe between different hues of the same style.

However, this isn’t Amazon’s first venture into augmented reality purchasing. In 2020, the company introduced “Made for You,” a personalized clothing platform that allows consumers to design and purchase T-shirts. The program is accessible in Amazon’s iOS and Android apps, and it allows you to submit your body measurements as well as two images of yourself to design your ideal fit.

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