Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could come in a 1TB variant

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Our media files are getting bigger these days. With phones being able to take higher-resolution photos and videos, with chipsets being more capable, apps and games are also using higher-res graphics which can take up a lot of space on our devices. This is why phone storage sizes have increased quite a bit over the years.

This is why we can’t say we’re too surprised to learn that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could actually be offered in a 1TB variant, according to a report from SamMobile. Seeing as how Samsung introduced a 1TB variant for the Galaxy S22 Ultra this year, a 1TB Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t seem entirely out of the question.

The only problem with this is that with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 already being so expensive, we’d hate to see how much Samsung would charge for a 1TB model. Given that Samsung doesn’t support microSD cards for memory expansion in the Fold 3, we doubt the Fold 4 will either, meaning that customers need to make a decision when they’re buying the phone.

For context, the 512GB Fold 3 is priced at a whopping $1,900, meaning that there is a chance the 1TB Fold 4 could push the phone’s price past the $2,000 mark. Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed the phone yet but we expect that will most likely make an appearance this August.

Source: SamMobile

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