Jun 8th, 2022

Just because an app is simple doesn’t mean that it cannot be improved upon. Google Authenticator is a good example of that. While it works just fine, it does lack some features that other authenticator apps have, but it looks like Google is wasting no time playing catch up with its latest update.

In the latest update to the Authenticator app, Google has introduced some minor changes. While it might not be the most mind blowing of updates, these changes will affect the overall quality of life of the app, making it better to use.

For example, whenever the app launches, all the six-digit PINs that it has generated will be hidden. Users will now have to tap on each PIN to reveal it. Alternatively, users can also tap and hold on the PIN and copy it to their clipboard, which they can then copy to the app that is asking for the PIN.

This is pretty useful because it not only makes entering the PIN easier for users who might have a hard time remembering the 6-digits, but it also adds a layer of privacy and security so that anyone peeping over their shoulder won’t be able to see it. We would love to see additional privacy and security features in the future, but for now, this is actually a pretty decent update, so head on over to the Play Store and grab the update if you haven’t already.

Source: Android Police

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