Jun 7th, 2022

The way foldable display technology is at the moment, there is typically a crease running across the middle of the phone where the display folds. It’s not too bad to the point where it’s distracting, but obviously it’s less than ideal.

We have heard rumors that Samsung could have figured out a solution to that problem, and that for the company’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4, the crease could be less noticeable. Now thanks to an image shared on Twitter by well-known leakster Ice Universe, it looks like those rumors might be true.

As you can see in the image above, it is apparently an image of the display of the phone and it looks like the crease isn’t as obvious as its predecessor. There is a noticeable black bar running across the middle, but presumably that’s where the hinge of the phone is, but on the actual display itself, we don’t see any crease.

Obviously it’s hard to tell if this is an actual image of the phone’s display because there are no other signs that suggest that it is. But assuming for a moment that it is the real deal, it looks pretty good. Also, another thing to note is that when the phone’s display is on and there are images on the screen, the crease could be even less obvious.

Samsung is expected to officially announce the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 later this year, possibly around August, so until then, take this leak with a grain of salt.

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