Sony believes smartphone cameras could eventually kill the need for DSLRs


The cameras on our phones have come a very long way. I still remember when I first got a phone with a built-in camera. There was no autofocus, no portrait mode, and the max resolution it shot in was VGA. It felt more like a novelty back then rather than a feature that was truly useful.

The landscape has changed considerably since then, so much so that according to a report from Nikkei Japan, President and CEO of Sony Semiconductor Solutions (SSS), Terushi Shimizu was quoted during a business briefing as expressing his belief that in the next few years, the cameras on smartphones will be good enough to kill off DSLRs.

We have to admit that today, the cameras on our smartphones can take some amazing photos where in some cases under ideal lighting and conditions, you would have hard pressed to tell if it was taken with a professional camera or a camera on a smartphone. Plus, with companies improving their camera software to make it smarter and being able to render better images, the need to own a separate dedicated camera is growing smaller.

That being said, we’re not sure if smartphones will ever truly replace DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. There are still a lot of benefits the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras offer compared to smartphones, such as better battery life (since we use our phones for other things besides taking photos or videos), the ability to swap and choose from a variety of lenses, and so on, but what do you think?

Do you envision a future where one day dedicated cameras will no longer exist and everyone will just be shooting with their phones instead?

Source: Tech Radar

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