Samsung’s Global Market Share Reaches New Heights


Among the various Android smartphone brands, Samsung is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most successful, especially when it comes to market coverage and sales. New financial data from research firm Counterpoint Research shows that the South Korean tech giant achieved its highest global market share (at least in terms of smartphones) last April, accounting for 24%.

Previously, the company was only able to reach similar numbers back in 2017, when it had over 25% market share. A lot of the company’s successes in the smartphone industry are attributed to its sales of the Samsung Galaxy S22 devices, as well as a multitude of Galaxy A-series phones, which have become popular midrange devices for a lot of consumers.

The firm also sees the brand retaining its top position on an international scale. Additionally, Samsung’s development and production of foldable devices have also given the company an advantage in securing its top spot.

The news comes after recent reports that the company might cut down its smartphone manufacturing for 2022. Originally, the company was aiming to produce 310 million units of smartphones for this year, but has now reduced its target number to 280 million units, which includes low to mid-range handsets, as well as its flagship devices like the Galaxy S-series.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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