Oppo has started testing its foldable flip phone


Last year, Oppo finally hopped on board the foldable bandwagon with the Oppo Find N. The design is reminiscent to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series, but if you prefer the clamshell design like the Galaxy Z Flip series from Samsung, you could be in luck.

According to a tweet by Mukul Sharma, he claims that Oppo has started the internal testing of its own foldable flip phone. The tweet claims that testing has begun in the European and Eurasian regions and that a launch of the handset is expected to take place later this year, but when exactly is unclear.

If we’re assuming that it could launch the same time as the Oppo Find N did back in 2021, then we’re probably looking towards an end of the year date. Even then, seeing as Oppo’s phones aren’t really sold in North America, even if it does launch it probably won’t be making its way stateside.

At this point in time, not much is known about Oppo’s foldable flip phone, but the rumors are claiming that we can expect a price of about CNY 5,000, which is roughly $750 after conversion.

This is actually a very decent price tag, making it more affordable the Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3, which despite its hefty price tag was actually quite a hit amongst customers. Hopefully more details will be revealed about the Oppo foldable flip phone in the future, so do check back with us in the coming weeks/months for more updates on the handset.

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