This “Bionic Reading” Chrome extension helps you read things faster


A lot of us would probably love to be more well-read, but the problem is that sometimes, articles can be rather long and boring and can be painfully slow to go through. This is where a new reading technique called “Bionic Reading” comes in which has taken the internet by storm.

The idea is that by bolding just the first few characters of a word, it can help users power through walls of text a lot faster than normal. If you’re curious as to whether or not this is effective, the group behind the concept has announced that they are launching a Chrome extension.

With this extension, it basically applies the concept of Bionic Reading across websites that you browse and read. Users will also be able to export the website as an epub or pdf file that has been “Bionic Reading”-ified so that they can read it offline at their leisure. While we can’t speak to the science behind the concept, our initial impression is that it actually works and that reading walls of text suddenly feels a lot faster.

If you’re curious and want to take it for a spin, the extension is available for download for free via the Chrome Web Store. Alternatively, if you don’t want to use it as an extension but want to apply it to other files, you can do so by uploading it to the company’s website where it’ll convert it into a “Bionic Reading” document for you.

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