Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Memorial Day deals are going fast!


Memorial Day is coming up soon and as usual, companies are running various promotions and deals to celebrate the day. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, then you’re in luck because it appears that Samsung is running a couple of promotions for its Galaxy S22 flagship handsets.

Depending on the model you choose, there will be different discounts and perks, so check them out in the links down below.

The Enhanced Trade-In is actually a pretty good offer because typically speaking, whenever you trade-in a smartphone, the condition of the phone affects the value you’ll be getting for your device. This means that instead of spending money to repair the screen before trading it in, Samsung’s Cracked Screen Enhanced Trade-In feature basically accepts your phone even if the screen is cracked.

So if you happen to have an older device that’s scuffed up, don’t worry because Samsung will still be accepting it. Plus the additional Samsung Credit you get when you trade-in your phone will help you pick up a couple of accessories along the way, whether you need a new set of earbuds or a protective case for your new phone.

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