Bluetti has some awesome deals running for Memorial Day for military members and veterans


Memorial Day is coming up soon and if you were planning on hitting the road and spending the holiday outdoors camping with your friends or family members, then you might want to take a look at these awesome deals that Bluetti is running as part of the company’s Veteran & Military Benefits Program in honor of the day.

BLUETTI EP500/EP500 Pro Solar Power Station

Starting with the EP500/EP500 Pro Solar Power Station, this is a power station that has been designed to be portable. Sometimes some power stations, especially those that have huge capacities, tend to be big and heavy, but by putting a set of wheels on the EP500/EP500 Pro, Bluetti has made this power station easy to bring around.

It features a 2,000W rated pure sine wave AC inverter (3000W for the EP500 Pro), and according to the company, is powerful enough to keep your home juiced up for 1-2 days, making it ideal for blackouts or if you are going camping outdoors but still want some of your modern-day creature comforts.

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station + B230 Battery

While the EP500 and EP500 Pro are great choices if you need a lot of power, they just aren’t exactly what you would call portable. Sure, the wheels are great for moving it from room to room, but its overall size makes it hard to transport if you have a smaller vehicle, and that’s where the AC200MAX comes in.

This is designed to be an all-in-one system that’s compact but still packs enough power (2,048Wh battery) to keep the lights on. It features a 2,200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and if needed, can be further expanded with Bluetti’s B230 or B300 batteries.

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

If the Bluetti AC200MAX is a bit out of your price range and you need something that’s a bit more affordable but still packs enough juice, then the AC200P might be worth looking at. Featuring a 2,000Wh capacity battery and 2,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter, the AC200P should be just as capable as its more expensive AC200MAX sibling.

According to Bluetti, they have equipped the AC200P with a LiFePO4 battery that they claim is good for over 3,500 cycles before it hits the 80% capacity mark, meaning that it should last you for the years to come and then some. It features multiple outputs for various devices, a built-in LCD that shows you the charging information, and there is also support for solar charging.

BLUETTI EB70S + EB55 Portable Power Station

If having something small and ultra-compact is a priority, more so than storage capacity, it would be hard to go wrong with Bluetti’s EB70S. The power station tops out at 800W so it definitely isn’t on par with some of the company’s other offerings. Still, if you’re not looking to power anything too demanding, it could be perfect, especially given its size and compact nature.

As for the EB55, it is another smaller alternative to the EB70S with 700W output, but once again, if your gadgets aren’t that demanding and you’re mainly looking to juice up smaller gadgets like a phone, some lights, or recharge your drone, you can’t go wrong here.

How to join Bluetti’s Veteran & Military Benefits Program

Like we said earlier, Bluetti will be launching a Veterans & Military Benefits Program where those who are currently serving in the military or who are veterans will be able to enjoy these discounts.

Bluetti will be opening up the program on the 26th of May at 7PM PDT and will close on the 31st of May at the same time where users can register for it. Users will need to verify that they are either in the military or are veterans in order to be accepted and enjoy these benefits.

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