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How to SIM unlock the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G


While Samsung might be primarily known for their high-end flagship phones, the company’s Galaxy A-series of mid-range handsets has also been a pretty popular choice for those who might be shopping on a tighter budget.

Earlier this year, the company announced the latest handset in its Galaxy A-series in the form of the Galaxy A53 5G, a mid-range handset that comes with some pretty decent specs and is also 5G compatible to boot.

If you’re the proud owner of the Galaxy A53 5G and you picked it up from a carrier, you might have discovered that its SIM card is locked to the carrier you bought it from. If you’re hoping to get it unlocked so you can use it with a different SIM or if you plan to travel overseas and use a local SIM, don’t worry because we’ll show you a couple of different options.

One of which is a free SIM unlocking method and the other is using a service like Android SIM Unlock.

Unlocking through your carrier

Obviously the ideal method would be to unlock the SIM of the phone for free and this is possible through your carrier. But keep in mind that there might be certain requirements you’ll have to meet in order for this to work, and while it may vary from carrier to carrier, the general requirements are:

  • You need to be in good standing with your carrier, meaning that you don’t have any outstanding bills and that the contract with your carrier for the phone has expired
  • You’ll also need to make sure that you have owned the device for at least 60-90 days

Assuming you meet those requirements, then the process of unlocking the SIM is pretty easy, just follow the steps below:

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G handset, launch the Phone app and dial *#06# to pull up your phone’s IMEI number
  2. Write the IMEI number down somewhere so you can refer to it later
  3. Call your carrier and request for your SIM unlock code
  4. You will probably be asked to provide the IMEI for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G’s
  5. If you meet all the requirements that we mentioned above, the SIM unlock code will be sent to the email address you provided in the next 2-5 days.
  6. Once you’ve received your code, swap out the SIM with a SIM from another carrier
  7. Enter the SIM unlock code that you received in your email when prompted and you’re set!

Using Android SIM Unlock

Given that the Galaxy A53 5G is still relatively new at this time of writing, it means that there is a good chance your carrier might reject your request to unlock the SIM of the phone. You could always opt to pay off the contract completely so that there are no longer any outstanding bills, but that’s a lot of money upfront.

The good news is that there are services like Android SIM Unlock where for a small and very affordable fee, you’ll be able to unlock the Galaxy A53 5G’s SIM card quickly and easily, even if you’re still tied to a contract with your carrier, and here’s what you need to do.

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy A53 5G phone, launch the Phone app and dial *#06# to get the device’s IMEI number
  2. Write the IMEI number down
  3. Go to Android SIM Unlock’s website
  4. Enter your device’s IMEI number
  5. Complete the checkout process with your payment and contact information
  6. Once payment is made, you should then receive the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G’s unlock code either through SMS or email
  7. The moment you’ve received your code, you can then swap out the SIM on your phone with a SIM from another carrier
  8. You should be prompted to enter the SIM unlock code that you received in your email, and once you’ve done that, you should be good to go

Keep in mind that even if you unlock the SIM using Android SIM Unlock’s services, you’re still obligated to your carrier and the contract that you signed with them. This means repaying the phone’s cost and bills on time for the remaining period of the contract.

The only difference is that now with the SIM card unlocked, you’ll have more freedom when it comes to using the phone with different carriers. This is perfect for traveling overseas where purchasing and using a SIM from a local carrier in the country is cheaper than paying for a roaming plan or roaming charges.

Note: this article may contain affiliate links that help support our authors and keep the Phandroid servers running.

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