Samsung might find themselves in hot legal water for not including chargers with its phones


When Apple announced that they were ditching chargers with its phones, many were quick to mock the company’s decision. Samsung was one of them, at least until the launch of the Galaxy S21 where the company also decided that they would no longer be including the charger with their phones moving forwards.

Unfortunately for Samsung, it looks like it might be a costly decision because according to a report from publication Telecompaper, the Ministry of Justice in Brazil has revealed that over 900 Procon departments are looking to take legal action against not just Samsung, but also Apple, for not including chargers with their phones.

These departments are expected to present their case and offer solutions so that it can be resolved amicably, otherwise it is possible that sanctions may be levied against these companies. Both companies had been hit with fines in the past, so it is not the first time that they have had legal issues over this particular problem.

That being said, Samsung and Apple aren’t the only ones who have started to ditch the included charger in the box. Google has followed suit starting with the Pixel 6, and Huawei also hopped on board the bandwagon in 2021.

We’re not sure this lawsuit could result in companies being forced to include the charger again, but so far the common argument against including the charger is for environmental reasons where since many of us already have USB chargers at home, it isn’t necessary to include them in newer devices.

Source: SamMobile

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