NBA 2K22 Tips With 6 Things to Know Before You Play


Are you looking to entertain yourself with the NBA 2K basketball simulation video game? How about the 2021 release of NBA 2K22? Before you settle down for NBA 2K22 to enjoy the action that comes with the newest addition, it is essential to know what to expect. 

This article features six things to know before you play NBA 2K22. Let’s look into the nitty-gritty of the newest game that guarantees you an experience of its kind.

1. MyCareer

As a gaming enthusiast of NBA 2K and an NBA odds fan, you know that the features adopted in MyCareer make for the lifeline of the gaming experience. With the 2021 NBA 2K version, the simulation video game developers have gone beyond what you have been accustomed to the previous versions. The NBA 2K22 allows you to buy and tailor property during your rise from an amateur player to an NBA superstar. 

If you can recall from previous editions, the 2K17 edition player cribs have been a feature for several games. However, with this version, you not only experience the homes but get to decorate them. Furthermore, the game allows for opportunities for entrepreneurial involvement, unlike before. 

2. Have your back-room right in MyNBA/MyWNBA

Talk of exploiting past experiences to make the present better; that is what 2K have done with their newest child, 2K22. Unlike the previous versions where MyGM dynasty-building long-form adventures failed to click in the series. 

Compared to My Career’s extensive simulation of all features of a player’s life, the menus and stats seemed like they lacked inspirational touch. The 2K22’s MyNBA/MyWNBA course corrects these limitations through alterations to backroom staff management. The menus may take you a minute to get used to, as they take some adjustment time at first; nonetheless, the process is ultimately vital in the long haul as your initial-court outcomes.

3. Master the new offensive animations

While the call to master the new offensive animations seems such a buzzkill, it compensates when it comes to performance. The quality of its performance attracts an on-the-court movement that immediately sets NBA 2K apart from EA’s once-dominant NBA Live. Furthermore, it ensures the basketball feels so okay even as the VC payments get saucier with every passing season. 

With new signature moves for offensive attacks from the league’s top stars and new dribble combos, you will easily beat your opponents. Moreover, the latest version adopts an improved shooting animation to make gaming more natural.

4. Playmakers and PGs look good

With performance changes implemented, the new version promises nothing short of ultra-experience. So far, prominent NBA 2K players have been gravitating towards playmaking point guard builds. The speed of the games seemingly causes this scenario, and lighter players can tear by defenders if their stats are laid out strategically. Moreover, the spot-up precision and ankle-breaking shot takeovers look solid, boosting stationary jump shot accuracy and dribble move effectiveness consecutively.

5. Upgraded defensive control

Conveying defense in a video game is not an easy feat to attain. Thus, the game seems like all elbows and shuffling and throwing distracting arms around. Nonetheless, the control modifiers will always allow you to master a genuinely practical skill. The 2021 NBA 2K22 defensive animation vault has been updated and shot contest and block controls are reworked. 

However, it’s still about timing, frame reading, and concentration, but the player movements seem closer to reality, and the litheness of the athletes is better conveyed with the pad.

6. Consider your timings

Considering that both defensive and offensive controls have been upgraded, with new animations for every feature from jumpers to shot contests, the whole pace of play is different. You will spend a bit of time in the demo games to focus on blocking, how quickly players wriggle out of a boxout, what they cannot reach, and those they can get.


Knowing the NBA 2K22 tips with six things to know before you play offers you an edge on how quickly you get conversant with the game. Furthermore, you will be able to start playing in no time and get to enjoy the game right off the gates with these remarkable tips. Go ahead and make your reading count.

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