Five Upcoming Sports Video Games You Should Play in 2022

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We’ve seen many games enter the market every year, and sports video games are no different. Some have even become a top part of the esports gaming industry. Aside from that, these games have incredible features that make them top-notch, and each year there is an incredible upgrade in the game. 

Last year, we saw some epic sports video games that blew the market away, and we expect 2022 not to be different. We expect some exciting updates in the sporting world so that we can get new athletes and upgraded cards for the older players. In this case, here are some of the upcoming sports-based video games coming in 2022. 


The FIFA franchise has been around for a while, and we expect to see some incredible upgrades in the game when the FIFA 23 edition drops. Although fans can’t get enough of the FIFA 22 that dropped last year and the incredible gameplay and realistic players, we know that the new release would be fantastic.

It will undoubtedly involve some exciting new players that have shown to be top players in soccer this past few months. In addition to that, we look for new features and upgraded packs for budding players with incredible footballing skills. As a result, we are holding our breath for a classic game this year. 

NBA 2K23

Like FIFA, the NBA also has a wide range of editions over the years, and basketball fans can enjoy their favorite sports through the game. It has everything you want in a basketball, and the 2K22 took it to a whole new level. We witness some incredible players, and gamers can now recreate NBA moments in the game.

As a result, our hopes are high for this new release, and once it hits the market, we can only wait to see how it will exceed our expectations. But we haven’t been disappointed with NBA video games, especially with the recent ones coming around. Therefore, it is becoming a sure thing to have our minds blown. 

Madden NFL 23

All the epic NFL action in one game, the Madden NFL game is coming back to different platforms, and everyone that has played the old versions knows how exciting this game can get. It highlights the sport perfectly and gives players the chance to enjoy different aspects of Football without hassle. As a popular esports option, betting on Madden NFL’s point spreads has been a more popular option in recent years. 

Since the passing of John Madden, the game production has been on hold, but thankfully, we are getting a new release in the coming months. We expect more team-based management and field strategies to spice up the gameplay in this new installment. We think this new one will be more compelling than the rest. 

Rugby 22

Many people love Rugby. We understand that it can be brutal and crazy watching athletes run at each other. But one thing we can agree upon is that the sport is exciting to watch. You can turn your passion for Rugby to play this video game where you’ll find some of your favorite teams and can play as a single or team.

The game has so many exciting features that improve its experience, and once you get started, you’ll enjoy all the different parts of the sports. The latest for this game is the Rugby 22, and it has some of the most incredible features you’ll find in a typical Rugby game. You should certainly try it out once it hits the market. 

Super Buckyball Tournament

Finally on our list is the Super Buckyball Tournament video game. Although it is not like the other games on this list as it doesn’t directly depict a real sport, it is an exciting one that you should give a try. The game is a futuristic and sophisticated soccer-inspired title perfect for gamers looking for something different.

It has some advanced gameplay to your typical soccer video game like FIFA or PES. However, the base winning principle is to score more goals than your opponent. Each player in the game also has super abilities that make the game chaotic and explosive, making it incredibly fun and different. 

Final Thoughts

You can pick any of these games once they enter the market to start playing. We expect them to be incredibly fun, explosive, and action-packed. You can play as a team or individually. Not to worry; they come with different features, tournaments, and leagues to keep it exciting for you. 

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