May 16th, 2022

For the first time in a very long time, Netflix actually revealed that they had lost 200,000 subscribers globally. This sent the company’s share prices tumbling and many started to wonder what the company could do to draw subscribers back in.

Now according to a report from Deadline, the publication has heard that one of the things Netflix is looking to explore is live streaming. Live streaming isn’t new when it comes to video content. In fact, a lot of the news you watch on TV these days are already live streams, but it seems that this is something Netflix could bring to its platform.

With the introduction of live streaming, it has been speculated that it could be used to bolster existing shows like competition series, talent contests, and so on, where the live stream could allow users to submit their votes for who they want to win. Netflix had previously had a “Netflix Is A Joke” festival and it has been suggested that a live stream of such an event could also be a draw for subscribers.

In a way it’s actually kind of funny because one of the perks of platforms like Netflix are its on-demand services, but seeing as how the company’s subscriber count has taken quite a beating, perhaps it might not be a bad idea to revisit the past. There is no word on when this new feature is expected to roll out, so only time will tell if live streams could help reinvigorate Netflix’s subscriber base.

Source: Deadline

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