Genshin Impact Developers Tease New Action RPG


MiHoYo, a studio known for its hit mobile game Genshin Impact has recently announced “Zenless Zone Zero,” and new and upcoming game for PC and mobile. A teaser video showing characters and a bit of story was also released by the studio, although no official launch date has been mentioned so far.

Based on the trailer alone, Zenless Zone Zero looks stunning, especially with the fluid visuals and fast-paced animation. The game switches up from Genshin Impact’s fantasy-RPG world for a more cyber-punk aesthetic, and will most likely feature multiple playable characters.

Taking place in the world of New Eridu, the game refers to players as “Proxies,” who will undertake missions with RPG-style exploration. Given Genshin Impact’s always-online system, it might be likely that the new game will take advantage of online features and connectivity as well.

Zenless Zone Zero looks to be a very promising game, and if the visuals and gameplay in Genshin Impact are anything to go by, then it might be another hit for the folks over at MiHoYo.

Aside from the official promotional site, not much specific information was released by the studio. Interested players can head to this link for a Tuning Test Recruitment, although at the moment there’s only support for PC and iOS devices.

Source: Zenless Zone Zero

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