WhatsApp could be bringing chat filters to standard accounts


In WhatsApp, you can search for messages by typing in keywords or names, but that’s pretty much the extent of it. That could change in the future because according to WABetaInfo, it appears that WhatsApp is now working on bringing chat filters to standard accounts.

For those unfamiliar, chat filters are a feature only available for business accounts at the moment. It allows users to sort and filter messages by unread, contacts, non-contacts, and groups, making it easier for users to find the chat that they are looking for.

Image credit – WABetaInfo

Presumably the reason for it being available to business accounts is that businesses might be in contact with a lot more people, and more often than not, non-contacts who might be reaching out to ask about products. By having a filter in place, it helps business operators better maintain their WhatsApp chats and conversations.

This isn’t to say that regular WhatsApp users can’t benefit from the feature as we’re sure that there might be some users who would love to have filters, and this report suggests that the feature could eventually find its way to standard accounts further down the line. When exactly is unclear, but it might be something for non-business users to look forward to in the future.

Source: WABetaInfo

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