The most anticipated first-person shooters coming soon


The first-person shooter genre is undoubtedly one of the most popular and competitive around. While they are easy for beginners to get to grips with quickly, they provide a level of gaming experience that captivates all levels and generations of gamers. While there are some standout titles and some upcoming titles that are highly anticipated, there are a few select reasons for the genre being so popular. The games are fantastic for streaming and watching, you don’t really need extra equipment to make the grade, there’s generally a social element with co-op missions, and the atmosphere can become so engrossing you really live it.

So let’s look at what’s on the horizon for those that like to shoot ’em up.

Overwatch 2 

Overwatch 2 has been a long time coming and is now tantalizingly close to a full release, but the game remains in testing and we’re gradually seeing more and more. As the much anticipated Blizzard release is undergoing Beta testing, things are changing every day, so you’ll need to keep checking to know everything about Overwatch right now. What we do know is that expectations are high and Blizzard will have its work cut out to produce a sequel that meets those expectations. 

The PC beta test started towards the end of April this year and it was invite-only, but you can opt-in for Overwatch 2 here and be able to play until 17 May. The change from the original that has generated the most discussion is the move from a 6v6 multiplayer game to a 5v5 multiplayer game. That will cause some awkward conversations among those that are used to playing together, but it makes the game similar to its competitors, Valorant and CSGO. All the heroes from the first game are available but will have been altered a little and new heroes are gradually appearing. At some point, we know there will be the option to team up and fight against AI opponents and all the initial game modes are returning. 


It seems Blizzard is taking their time to figure things out and get this right the first time and that seems the correct approach even if it frustrates fans

Modern Warfare II

Activision has made things a little confusing, as this isn’t the first Call of Duty game called Modern Warfare 2. Most people don’t care, whatever the name, as a new entry in the franchise grabs the attention. Activision is playing their cards close to their chest, so there’s very little we know about this one, although there are rumors. We do know it will be a follow-up of Modern Warfare released in 2019, hence the title Modern Warfare II and there’s a new logo.

The gossip is that because CoD Vanguard isn’t selling as anticipated, the release date for MWII could be brought forward to possibly be September this year. Also, Twitter buzz suggests the official reveal of MWII will be on May 30, 2022, and hopefully, we’ll get more information then. 

Atomic Heart

A new game rather than an addition to an existing franchise is creating a buzz because people can see similarities between Atomic Heart and beloved titles Fallout and BioShock.

Mundfish has created an alternate universe in which the Soviet Union underwent a technological revolution that resulted in a creepy open world, filled with secret underground labs and bunkers for you to blast your way through holograms and advanced robots. The story revolves around discovering and annihilating the products of a colossal calamity to thwart the leakage of classified data jeopardizing the future of everyone on Earth. No specific release date for this one, but it should be out towards the end of the year and the trailer gets us in the mood.

Three games that are so close it hurts, but the wait continues and signs indicate we won’t be disappointed.

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