Can Somebody Hire You as a Bitcoin Trader?


Are you wondering whether somebody can hire you as a Bitcoin trader? Here are things to know about working as a Bitcoin trader.

Bitcoin is becoming more than just a passing interest to investors as many people go into crypto trading as a full-time job. However, the problem is that most institutional investors come with a background or history of trading traditional stocks and bonds. Thus, they don’t have the crypto knowledge to trade Bitcoin.

Unlike stocks and bonds, this digital asset requires a careful eye to decide whether it is a valuable investment or not. Now, after you’ve had a broad understanding of this digital asset and have taken a few online classes on how to trade the asset, it’s time to start buying and selling. If you wish to work as a Bitcoin trader, here are the things to have for someone to hire you.

Skills That a Bitcoin Trader Should Have

Many employers look for specific skills when hiring a Bitcoin trader. Prominent among them include: 

  • A proven track record of crypto trading with a demonstrable portfolio
  • Technical skills for creating crypto market analysis
  • The ability to work under pressure and meet daily/ weekly/ monthly targets
  • Ability to learn on the job and apply company trading practices to your existing experience

So, when you go out there looking for a trader job, ensure that you possess the above skills. Take trading lessons online and familiarize yourself with the crypto market. Luckily, the internet presents loads of information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Thus, acquiring Bitcoin trading skills and crypto market knowledge is relatively easy. 

Which Companies Employ Crypto Traders?

Several companies are looking for Bitcoin traders at the moment. Investment firms want to diversify their portfolio and look for traders to help them do so. Another option is crypto exchanges like the bitcoin code and banking apps that look for crypto traders. Most of these potential employers pay well for good traders and those who bring money to the company. Also, most jobs are commission-only or offer a low basic salary with a commission structure. 

However, the commission structure can be very lucrative due to the work’s nature, but it takes the correct type of trader to reach the top position. Moreover, a starting position can help you take your skills to professional levels when it comes to Bitcoin trading jobs. 

Most Bitcoin trading jobs entail analyzing the markets, looking for exploitable positions in growing markets, and identifying places you can turn a profit when the market suffers a downturn. As a professional crypto trader, the employer expects you to generate revenue regardless of the market status. 

Where to Find Bitcoin Trader Vacancies

Finding Bitcoin trading vacancies online is easy, and there are several websites full of such opportunities. The number of vacancies is increasing as the demand for crypto experts grows. However, it has become a reason for staff turnover in many workplaces. Some companies are quick to dismiss employees who don’t meet their targets. Thus, finding a Bitcoin trader’s vacancy can be easy, but keeping it can be challenging.

Here are places to find Bitcoin trader jobs: 

  • Upwork
  • LinkedIn 
  • Glassdoor
  • Cryptojoblist.com

Depending on your country’s location, you can also find local employment agencies that offer crypto trader jobs. As we mentioned, crypto exchanges are also potential employers. Therefore, check reputable Bitcoin exchanges to determine whether they have vacancies for traders. 

Final Thoughts 

The crypto market has many opportunities apart from trading, including developers, marketers, content writers, and blockchain specialists. So if you find trading doesn’t suit you, check other career opportunities. Also, prepare a portfolio and demonstrate your abilities to meet the employer’s requirements.

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