May 5th, 2022

The problem with signing contracts for internet and mobile plans is that if something better comes along, you won’t be able to take advantage of it unless you’re willing to pay the fee associated with breaking the contract, but that’s something T-Mobile seems to be more than happy to cover on your behalf.

The company has announced in its latest “Un-carrier” move that they will be launching an Internet Freedom plan that basically tries to convince customers to ditch their existing ISPs in favor of T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet service. The carrier is offering to let customers their the service for free so that they don’t have to make a decision just yet, and will also pay if there are termination fees involved when switching over.

  • Cheat on your Internet Provider with Test Drive. Customers can try Home Internet for 15 days, worry-free. If they like it, great! If not, return the gateway and owe nothing. It’s 100% On Us. And because it’s totally wireless, they can even keep their old provider while they try it.
  • Break up with your provider and T-Mobile will cover the cost. When customers are ready to switch, they can break their contract and break up with their internet provider, at no cost because T-Mobile will cover all early termination fees up to $500.

In addition to this, T-Mobile will also be expanding on its T-Mobile Tuesday deals to include broadband customers who were previously not covered by this. This means that users can look forward to taking advantage of deals that will shave the price off streaming devices and subscriptions like YouTube TV.

It all sounds rather grand so if you think that maybe it might be time to explore new ISPs, then perhaps T-Mobile’s new Internet Freedom might be worth checking out.

Source: T-Mobile

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