Twitter has an upcoming new feature that lets you choose who sees your tweets


Twitter right now lets you choose to either keep your account public or private. With a private account, you get to choose who follows you and sees your tweets, but it also means that in some cases where you want to publicly make your tweets available, it gets a bit tricky.

That is expected to change in the future because according to a recent announcement, the company has revealed an upcoming feature called Twitter Circle. This is basically similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature where you get to choose who amongst your followers will be able to see your tweets.

This means that you get to maintain a public profile where you can tweet anything you want, but at the same time if there are things a bit more sensitive that you’d rather only your close friends and family members see, you can select them and put them into your Twitter circle so that those tweets can only ever be seen by them.

According to Twitter, a Twitter Circle can have a maximum of 150 people, which we reckon should be more than enough for most users. There’s no word on when this feature is expected to be launched, but the company is testing it out now and hopefully a release date shouldn’t be too far behind.

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