This could be Xiaomi’s next foldable smartphone


These days, just about every phone manufacturer is looking to get into foldables. Last year, Xiaomi launched their own foldable, the Mi Mix Fold, and now it looks like they could be gearing up to launch its successor and we might have a very rough idea of what it could look like.

This is according to a tweet by Kacper Skrzypek who discovered an asset in MIUI that shows off a foldable that doesn’t quite look like the Mi Mix Fold. As you can see in the image accompanying the tweet below, the camera module on the back of the phone is different from the Mi Mix Fold.

With Xiaomi’s first foldable, the camera module was more rectangular in shape, but this image shows a more square cutout. An animation of the device folding also clues us in slightly as to what the inside could look like, and it appears that Xiaomi might not be putting a camera on the inner portion of the display.

Now, whether or not this is an actual successor to the Mi Mix Fold or simply a not-very-accurate drawing of the phone is unclear, but it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that Xiaomi could be working on a successor. That being said, we did hear rumors last year that Xiaomi’s next foldable could sport a clamshell design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: XDA Developers

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