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Pokémon Go’s launch back in 2017 was nothing short of phenomenal. While Nintendo and Gamefreak’s beloved gaming and media franchise has been around for decades, the allure of a new game intertwined with AR features was more than enough to build an even more massive following. However, a lot of the hype behind the game has died down in the past few years, but that hasn’t stopped the game’s developers from introducing new updates and features to keep the game updated and fresh.

Dev Diaries: Mega Evolution and Mega Raid updates

A new update from the game’s official website adds some tweaks to the game’s Mega Evolution and Mega Raid features, which are explained in detail via a new “Dev Diaries” video.

The new update will allow players to Mega-Evolve their Pokémon from raid and battle prep screens, and not just the individual Pokémon’s information screen, as done so in the past. Additionally, Mega Raid bosses have also had their difficulty adjusted, so they can be taken down even with fewer trainers involved. The update also introduces “Mega Levels,” which will give players more bonuses based on how frequently they Mega-Evolve their Pokémon.

Pokémon Go takes mechanics from the main-line Pokémon games and modifies them to work better for mobile devices. For example, Mega Evolution was a new addition first introduced in Pokémon X and Y, which allowed Pokémon to temporarily evolve into larger and more powerful versions with a different set of abilities.

The Mega Evolution update is now live in Australia and New Zealand, and will be available globally at a later date.

Source: Pokémon Go

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