Apr 22nd, 2022

Spotify started off as a music streaming service but in the past few years, it has expanded to cover all things audio. The move includes support for podcasts as well as audiobooks. It is home to 406 million monthly active users including 180 million paying subscribers and the remaining 226 million being ad-supported tier users. These numbers show that if you are into podcasts or are thinking of starting one, Spotify is one platform where you should definitely be.

The decision to share your podcast on Spotify could help you reach a bigger audience and grow your brand online. It is important to note that Spotify does not host podcasts and acts more like a distributor. It means you will need to host your podcast on a podcast platform like Anchor, Buzzsprout, Castos, or Captivate first and then share it on Spotify.

Upload podcast on Spotify:

  1. Visit the Spotify for Podcasters website and create a new account. If you already have one, you can sign in using that.
  2. Click the Get Started button to proceed.
  3. Enter RSS feed URL for your podcast that you will get from your podcast hosting platform and click Next.
  4. You will receive an 8-digit verification code on your registered email from Spotify. Enter the code to authenticate your identity.
  5. Enter your podcast details like title, category, language, and country. Verify that everything you have entered is correct before submitting.

It will take a few hours, sometimes about a day, and your podcast will become live on Spotify. Unfortunately, the app does not alert you about the podcast becoming live. You will have to keep checking every now and then. Once the podcast is live, you can go ahead and share it with your family and friends and even on social media.

The aforementioned process includes sharing an RSS feed URL but Spotify has teamed up with a few podcast aggregator platforms to streamline the process. These partner platforms make uploading podcasts to Spotify as convenient as linking an account. You can check the list of these partners on the official support page.

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