Apr 19th, 2022

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 last year, they introduced support for the S Pen, and it was only with the Galaxy S22 Ultra that they actually included a dedicated slot for the stylus, making it easier for users to bring it around with them.

If you were hoping to see that trend continue with some of Samsung’s other phones, you might be disappointed. This is apparently the case with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 where a tweet by tipster Ice Universe claims that there will not be an S Pen slot for the upcoming foldable smartphone.

Apparently this is because Samsung will be making the device a bit smaller and thinner, which could explain why there might not be space for the stylus. This is actually what we heard back in November last year, although a report from last month seemed to give us a bit of hope, but now this tweet suggests that maybe the original rumor is more accurate.

If there is a drawback to the current design of the Galaxy Z Fold is that it can be a bit thick when folded up. Samsung trying to slim it down could potentially help them attract new customers who might have otherwise felt that the phone was a bit too bulky for their liking.

Either way, it’s just a rumor for now and should be treated as such, but maybe don’t get your hopes up at seeing a dedicated S Pen slot in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for the time-being.

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