Top Apps to Download in New Zealand


If you live in New Zealand and you want to download an app that will serve you well, here we have a few options. We have the top 5 apps in the country that are extremely popular, beneficial, and can help you have fun and enjoy. The best part is the fact you can download all of these and have even more fun. Without further ado, let’s begin: 

SkyCity Entertainment

 The app we have here is just ideal or perfect for people who want to travel, have a great time, and rest. You can check all the hotels, NZ casinos to play online, pokie machines, poker rooms and also restaurants within the app. All of these are based on SkyCity properties and they cover the whole of New Zealand and Australia. 

Users can reserve a room or a dining area at any given moment. One feature that you are going to love is the ability to check in to a hotel using your smartphone only. There is no need to add that the app works well on tablets. All of this is simple, fast, and reliable. You will probably use this feature all the time.

There is also a loyalty program that is available 24/7. Users can collect points, keep their eyes on the latest promotions, and more. If you like gambling as well, this is probably a huge advantage for you. In addition, players can collect the points and get discounts, better offers, and more. The bottom line is simple. Within the app, you can check and use all the things and perks SkyCity has to offer. Due to their popularity and advanced offers and features, the app is extremely beneficial. 

Radio New Zealand 

Radio New Zealand is one app that is small and simple yet incredibly popular and desirable. As you can assume, it allows you to listen to radio stations and online radio in the country. You have tons of options so you will always find the radio station or podcast you like and want to listen to. There are a lot of additional features as well.

Users can share the station they are listening to in real time. They can also listen to the radio in the background and they can receive calls while using the app. You can even use the app to start as an alarm clock in the morning so the phone will wake you up with your favorite radio station. Other features include magnifying glass so you can find a specific radio station and the ability to turn the app off at a specific time using the time feature. 

The app is very easy to use hence it is suitable for all users. All the main features are always available so you can master the app within minutes. To run the app you need an internet connection. While 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi will run perfectly, you can use the app via 3G as well. This means that the whole country is covered so you won’t have issues finding the radio station you like and want to listen to. 

Discover New Zealand Tourism 

Discover New Zealand Tourism app is developed for travelers and all the people who want to visit New Zealand. But it can be an impressive advantage to the arsenal native people have. The app is advanced and will do its job well. Basically, you can visit online and see the locations, details, images, and more of all tourist attractions in the country. 

There is also the ability to check out 360-degree cameras of most sites which makes the app even more important and beneficial. If you like videos you can watch over 700 of them. These are all short and animated videos about the country. You have a lot of details in the videos and you can learn a lot about the culture, the country and also the attractions. 

One way or another, if you want to visit some location in New Zealand, the app can help you learn all about it within seconds, from your smartphone. Be free to check videos close to me so you can learn more about your specific area and city. 

NZC – New Zealand Cricket

As you can see, the app is focused on cricket fans. Using the app you can do a lot of things. First of all, you will have the ability to read the latest news in real time. You can also see the details of the matches and monitor the league details, matches in general, and highlights of the bet’s moment, something we really liked. 

But, the app is more capable than you may believe. Users can purchase tickets whenever they want and they can get the best deals. This is a huge advantage and you will probably like and want to use this feature. Last but not least, you can get the all-new and special gear at the NZC Store. 


People who like camping and spending time in nature or at least away from the cities will love this app. You have over 5000 listings and you can find caravan parks, informational centers, camp guards, backpacker hostels, and also dump points. All of this is updated on a regular basis so you will have even more options to choose from any time soon. 

The goal or purpose of the app is simple. You will use it to plan your next trip or anything similar you like. Thanks to a lot of details, specifics, and even rare details you can find a lot and you can develop your vacation perfectly. The app is not free. You will get 14 days for a free trial which is very useful. After that, you will have to pay for the app but this is a very low amount around $2.49. 


All of these apps are special and extremely popular in New Zealand. They come with great features that you will want to use. Each one is different and each one is special. What this means is that you can download all of them or at least choose the ones you really want. You can expect to become more effective in the thing you like or just have more fun.  

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