Apr 8th, 2022

Learning a new language can be challenging, especially one like sign language which involves making signs using your hands and fingers. If sign language is something you’ve always wanted to learn, then you might be interested to learn that Snapchat has actually debuted some new filters that will teach you some of the basics.

These filters, known as the ASL Alphabet Lens, were created together with SignAll. According to Snap:

“Led entirely by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing team members here at Snap called the ‘Deafengers’, the ASL Alphabet Lens teaches you to fingerspell your name, practice the ASL Alphabet, and play games that put new skills to the test. It was built using groundbreaking hand-tracking technology that powered last year’s fingerspelling Lenses in honor of International Week of the Deaf.”

While there are plenty of resources out there that will help you learn sign language, one of the cool features about this filter is that it uses augmented reality, meaning that it uses your smartphone’s cameras to ensure that you’re making the right signs. This could be better than watching a video on YouTube where you might not get any feedback.

While going for actual classes might be more effective, this is a fun and free way to learn something new, and if this has sparked an interest, you could always go ahead and sign up for a class.

Source: Snap

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