Anker first 3D printer claims to be five times faster than the competition


When you’re looking for reliable third-party mobile accessories like cables, power banks, chargers, and so on, Anker is one of the brands that come to mind, but it looks like the company has decided to expand on their offerings. This has come in the form of the AnkerMake M5 3D Printer, the company’s first-ever 3D printer.

Now, there are many 3D printers available in the market today, so why should you go for Anker’s 3D printer over another company that might have been in the game longer? According to Anker, one of the selling points of the AnkerMake M5 is that it is apparently five times faster at 3D printing compared to the competition.

3D printing can be quite a slow process and understandably so, but if you need to print and don’t want to wait too long, Anker claims that the M5 has a basic print speed of 250mm/s, and that getting it up and running and ready to print only takes about 15 minutes, meaning that if you’re rushing to get something to print, it shouldn’t take you too long.

Other features of the M5 include an AI-powered camera. This camera is designed to spot issues with the printer, like if the nozzle gets clogged up where it will then notify you to it. It will also be able to provide users with live feeds of their print jobs via the mobile app. These are pretty awesome features if Anker can indeed deliver on their promise.

The AnkerMake M5 will be priced starting at $429 if you’re an early bird on their Kickstarter campaign, after which you will have to pay $499, or as much as $759 at retail. You might want to move fast because the Kickstarter was actually successfully funded and shot past its $50,000 goal in about four minutes.

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