The Play Store’s Movies & TV tab is being killed off in favor of the Google TV app


In keeping with Google’s spring cleaning efforts elsewhere in its ecosystem, the next up for a good spring clean is the Google Play Stores Movies and TV Tab.

As Google prepares to remove the Movies & TV tab from the Play Store, the bottom bar will become a little less congested. In a community post on Tuesday, the firm stated that it will no longer provide the ability to buy and rent movies and TV series via the Google Play Store in favor of the Google TV app. This means you’ll have to utilize the Google TV app on its own to watch streaming content.

Things to know

The change, at least superficially, emphasizes Google’s involvement in Google TV by separating its services from the Play Store. This makes sense, given the level of control you can get from the standalone app and how well it integrates with the top Android TVs, with functions like specific recommendations and watchlist management. With one less choice to clutter the bottom bar, this may also improve the Play Store experience.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Google TV app will continue to show your paid content.
  • Your Google TV app purchases are still available for family sharing and Google Play Points.
  • In the Google TV app, you may choose to use Play credit and Play gift cards to make purchases.
  • Within the Google TV app, you can view your wishlist.
  • You can still check and request refunds for your Google Play purchases.
  • You can download your wish list and reviews from

Source: Google

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