Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are 50% off right now, you don’t want to miss out


Android tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 8 are pretty powerful and feature packed, but they also come with a hefty price tag to match. If you don’t really need a powerful tablet and just want something to do some light browsing before bed, read an e-book while commuting to work or school, then might we interest you in the Amazon Kindle Fire?

This is because right now, Amazon has discounted the Kindle Fire HD 8 tablet by a whopping 50%! This means that you’ll be able to snag one for yourself for just $45, which honestly is such a steal even though it might not necessarily be the most powerful or latest tablet to date.

For those who want something smaller and cheaper, the Kindle Fire 7 is also enjoying a 30% discount bringing the price down to a mere $35, so it might be worth taking a look at if you’re shopping on a budget.

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A graphic novelist wannabe. Amateur chef. Mechanical keyboard enthusiast. Writer of tech with over a decade of experience. Juggles between using a Mac and Windows PC, switches between iOS and Android, believes in the best of both worlds.

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