YouTube for Android is getting support for transcriptions


One of the ways YouTube has made watching videos easier, especially longer-form videos, is by adding support for chapters, allowing creators to break down their videos into labeled segments to make it easier for viewers to skip to certain parts.

There is also another feature in the form of transcriptions that breaks it down even further by showing timestamps and transcribed words from the video, so if you want to jump to a specific quote, you can find it by looking for the transcription.

Image credit – Android Police

The feature was previously only available to desktop users, but as noted by Android Police, it appears that YouTube is pushing it out to mobile users. That is the good news. The bad news is that it appears to be a server-side update meaning that even though you might have the latest version of the app, it doesn’t mean that you will have access to the feature.

It’s a nice quality of life improvement to the app since we imagine that there are many users out there who do most of their YouTube watching on their phones, so jumping to specific quotes will make it easier for users to share it with others. There’s no word on when it will be available to all users yet, but keep an eye out for it if it sounds like something you might use.

Source: Android Police

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