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How to create a poll in Telegram


Let’s say you’re trying to organize a dinner with your friends, or maybe a holiday, or maybe you’re asking your friends or family members what they think about a color scheme. You could always try asking them directly, but if you’d rather not go through the hassle of dealing with people chiming in with unrelated comments, then polls are your best bet.

If you happen to use Telegram, did you know that the messenger platform actually supports the creation of polls? If you didn’t and would like to know how to create a poll in Telegram, then here’s how.

Create a poll in Telegram

  1. Launch Telegram (download for iOS/Android)
  2. Tap the paperclip icon
  3. Tap on Poll
  4. Give the poll a title and put in the options for participants to choose from
  5. Tap on Send/Create when you’re done

When you’re creating the poll, you have the option of allowing for anonymous voting. This means that whoever votes for whichever option, their name won’t show up which is good if you’re trying to keep things neutral and want a more fair vote. If you want to end the poll early, maybe you made a mistake or decide you don’t need it anymore, just tap and hold on the poll and select “Stop Poll”.

You can also use this method to retract a vote, just in case you made a wrong choice or if you changed your mind.

Tyler Lee
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