Samsung could be developing an AR device that uses hologram technology


Samsung in the past has dabbled and dipped their toes into the water when it comes to virtual reality, teaming up with Facebook to develop the Samsung Gear VR. We haven’t really seen or heard much on the VR front from Samsung since then, but it looks like the company is ready to get back into things.

According to a report from ETNews, the publication claims that Samsung is working on an augmented reality (AR) device that will utilize hologram technology. The report goes on to claim that Samsung will be using their own Exynos chipset to power the device, but it will run on Google’s Android operating system, which makes sense given that Samsung and Google seem to be on pretty good terms these days.

Apparently the development of a prototype of the device has already been completed, and now Samsung is considering when to release it. This rumor doesn’t really come as a complete surprise simply because Samsung has followed in Apple’s footsteps very closely as both companies are fierce rivals.

Apple is rumored to be planning their own mixed reality headset this year, so you can bet that Samsung isn’t going to let Apple hog the limelight. That being said, Apple’s mixed reality device is said to be aimed more towards developers and we’ve heard that it could be priced between $2,000 to $3,000.

We doubt that’s going to be what Samsung’s aiming for, but it’s just something we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: ETNews

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