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How to check your Uber rider rating


Ratings matter when you’re purchasing something or thinking of purchasing something, whether it be an actual product or service. This is why reviews and ratings are important when you’re about to go watch a movie, eat at a restaurant, buy that new smartphone online, or hop into an Uber.

You might be concerned about your Uber driver’s rating, but what about yours? Uber lets drivers rate their passengers too so that future drivers have a rough inkling as to what kind of passenger they’re about to pick up. If you’re trying to find out what drivers have been rating you, Uber recently announced a slightly more detailed rating system where you can actually see the breakdown amongst the 1-5 star reviews you’ve gotten.

According to Uber:

“Have you ever wondered how you got your Uber rating? How many of your drivers gave you five stars or even one star? Now, we’re making it easier than ever to see exactly how your rating is calculated, and for the first time, we’re showing you the good (and the bad) ratings you received.”

If you’re curious about your ratings breakdown, then here’s how you can check.

Check your Uber rating

  1. Launch the Uber app
  2. Tap the menu button
  3. Your average ratings should be displayed under your name

Uber says that riders will need at least five trips before they get a rider rating, so if you’re new, you won’t see it yet. If you’re looking for a slightly more detailed breakdown, then here’s how:

  1. Launch the Uber app
  2. Go to your Settings
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Tap on Privacy Center
  5. In Privacy Center, swipe to the right and tap on “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber?”
  6. Scroll under and under the “Browse your data” section, tap on “View my ratings” and you should now see a breakdown

The breakdown basically shows you how many 1-5 stars you’ve gotten over the course of using Uber’s services, but obviously it won’t tell you which driver rated you as what.

Keep in mind that this breakdown is not updated in real-time. Uber notes that there is a delay in the update to better protect the driver’s privacy, so if you tend to Uber a lot, then it will be almost impossible to keep track of who gave you what rating.

Of course, it’s hard to say why some drivers give you a three star rating when you thought you were being the perfect passenger, but it’s an interesting insight for those curious nonetheless.

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