Exclusive deal: get $250 credit & free memory upgrade with your Galaxy S22 pre-order


Samsung has just announced its Galaxy S22 lineup and new Galaxy Tab 8 tablets, delivering on all the leaks and rumors we’d been fixated on for the last few months. The only rumor that didn’t hold up was the increase in price, which I’m sure we’re all thankful for. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’re interested in purchasing one of the new Galaxy S22 devices. Those who pre-registered for Samsung’s new flagship smartphones or the new tablets were gifted an extra $50 credit for their purchase, but we have an exclusive link that will get you that same $50 credit even if you didn’t pre-register.

To be clear, you will not find a link to this offer directly on Samsung’s website. Click this link to buy your Samsung Galaxy S22 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will give you a bonus $50 credit on top of the Samsung pre-order offer for the Galaxy S22 Series with up to $200 instant Samsung Credit, plus a free memory upgrade and up to $700 trade-in credit.

The exclusive eCertificate will populate automatically through our links above and cannot be found directly on Samsung’s site. The offer is only applicable during the pre-order window which runs from February 9th through the 24th. 

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