Some Galaxy S22 models won’t be available until April


The first major flagship of the year is launching in a week, but if you tried to jump on the pre-order bandwagon, you might be a bit out of luck. Samsung is facing some pretty unfortunate shipping delays with the Galaxy S22 lineup, and it’s not limited to just the company’s online storefront. In a piece by PCMag, delays are also being found at the likes of T-Mobile and other carriers.

Samsung is aware of the supply constraints and provided the following statement to PCMag:

“We’re grateful for the excitement and response to our new Galaxy S22 series. Interest in Galaxy S22 series is at an all-time high with the pre-order volume exceeding our expectations. We’re committed to getting these devices to our customers as early as possible. However, some customers may experience delays depending on market, model and color. We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding,” Samsung said in an official statement.

This lines up with what we have seen, as certain units have already been delayed into March and even April, depending on the model, color, and memory configuration. Pre-orders are still available for select devices, but even if you head over to Amazon or Best Buy, you won’t be provided with an estimated shipping date. Instead, you can place your pre-order and then the phone will arrive whenever the stock becomes available.

According to a graph put together in the piece, it seems that the most popular models are the Galaxy S22 Ultra in either Green or White, regardless of the configuration. Only the carrier-specific models are still available for the 512TB Green and White models, with the 1TB configuration already slipping into the middle of April.

If you have been on the fence about pre-ordering, you might want to wait just a little bit longer. While you’ll miss out on the current deal that doubles your storage for free, it beats having to wait for more than a month to get your hands on one. Our best recommendation is to head to your local carrier or Best Buy location on February 25 (launch day) to see if you can get your hands on one much sooner.


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