Windows 10 Genuine Lifetime License $15, with a free upgrade to Windows 11, up to 91% off!


Software can be expensive but rightfully so. Many companies spend months, if not years, developing a piece of software that will be able to do whatever you need it to do, and in the case of Microsoft and Windows, it’s essentially part of the core of your computer where without it, you might not be able to play your favorite games or do your work.

This is why when you see the prices Microsoft charges for the retail copies of Windows or Office, you might be shocked at how pricey it is, but we have some good news on that front. VIP-SCDKey is running a promotion where you’ll be able to save up to 91% off the cost of an OEM license, plus if you use the skpha coupon code, you’ll be able to save an additional 30%.

Should you trust OEM licenses?

We know that the price offered by VIP-SCDKey is so cheap it might be hard to believe it’s the genuine article, but you can rest assured that it is. This is because OEM licenses are still genuine licenses and an authentic copy of Windows.

For those unfamiliar, OEM licenses are typically sold to computer manufacturers like Dell, Acer, HP, and so on. This is because these companies produce millions of computers every year, so it would not be realistic for them to purchase a retail copy of Windows for each PC they make, nor would it make sense for them to ship a computer without an operating system and leave the user to figure it out for themselves.

The advantage of an OEM license is that it is cheap, but the downside is that it is typically linked to the motherboard you install it on, meaning that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to move the license from your current PC to a new one, but then again with VIP-SCDKey’s promotion, buying multiple copies of Windows or Office is still a more affordable alternative.

Buy and activate your OEM license

  1. Click on any of the links to the deals above for the software you want to buy
  2. Click Buy Now and add the title to your cart
  3. Enter the skpha coupon code inside the “Promotion Code” textbox and click Apply to get the extra 30% discount
  4. Click Submit Order
  5. Choose your payment method and click “Pay Now”
  6. Once payment has been made, you should receive the license in your OEM shortly
  7. Once you receive the license, on your computer click the Start Menu
  8. Go to Settings
  9. Click on Update & Security
  10. Click Activate Windows or Change Product Key
  11. Enter the license that you received in your email and you’re good to go!
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