Jan 28th, 2022

Following yesterday’s announcement that the new Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup will be unveiled in February, the company has officially launched its Samsung Galaxy S22 reservation page. For completing your Galaxy S22 reservation, Samsung is offering $50 in credit that can be used towards other Galaxy products when pre-orders officially open once the new smartphone lineup is unveiled. The $50 Samsung credit is an addition to the regular offers and trade-in bonuses that Samsung will be offering when you purchase your device.

Simply fill out the Samsung Galaxy S22 reservation form with your name, email, and phone number and you’ll receive an email confirmation that you’re on the list.

Getting an extra $50 for simply adding your name to the pre-order list seems like a pretty good deal to us.

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup may not always deliver the best Android smartphone of the year, but they do set the bar for what we expect to see from other manufacturers over the next 10 months.

Will you be picking up a new Galaxy S22 smartphone this year?

Reserve your Galaxy S22


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