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How to move Spotify playlists to Apple Music


Spotify and Apple Music are two of the widely used music streaming applications out there. They both boast a catalog of millions of tracks and like any other service, they also have their own pros and cons. This is the reason you could find yourself either completely devoted to one particular service or juggling between the two. If you are looking to move from Spotify to Apple Music and are worried about leaving your beloved Spotify playlists behind, you can now relax as we have got your back.

One of the different reasons for making the jump from Spotify to Apple Music could be the support for spatial and lossless audio. These extra benefits are included in standard subscription plans with no extra charge. To help you with moving Spotify playlists to Apple Music, we will use an online tool called Tune My Music. It is accessible through a PC as well as a mobile web browser.


You will need to have an active Apple Music subscription. Next up, do ensure that you have Sync Library turned on for the service. It is enabled by default but we suggest you do a double check before proceeding ahead.

Move Spotify Playlists to Apple Music:

  1. Open Tune My Music online tool on your desktop or mobile web browser and click on the Let’s Start button.
  2. Choose Spotify as the source from the list of options. You will need to log into your Spotify account and grant asked permissions.
  3. Click Load from your Spotify account button to import all playlists automatically. If you want to import only specific ones, simply copy and paste Spotify playlist URLs.
  4. If you chose auto import, the tool will show all of your playlists and select all of them by default. You can uncheck playlists that you do not want to import. Once done, click on the Select Destination button.
  5. Choose Apple Music from the list, sign in with Apple ID, and grant asked permissions.
  6. The tool will show a preview of selected playlists and the total number of tracks that will get imported. Click Start Moving My Music button to begin the transfer process.
  7. Be patient for a while and once the transfer is complete, you will see a message confirming the same.

It should be noted that there might be some tracks that Tune My Music is not able to find on Apple Music. It will show you a count of those missing tracks and give you an option to download their list as a CSV file.

The tool is free to use but has a limit of moving up to 1,000 tracks. If your count is beyond the limit, you will need to go for the Premium plan priced at $4.50 per month or $24 per year.

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