Offshore Mobile App Development: What Should You Know


It is almost impossible to picture someone without a smartphone app these days. In reality, people are increasingly adopting mobile solutions for their convenience since the phone is always at hand. In 2021 alone, users worldwide have downloaded 230 billion applications, and that number will continue to grow. That is why mobile apps are not a waste of money for businesses but rather a successful investment.

However, before creating any mobile application, companies must decide whether to assemble a team of developers or hire a contractor. The latest trend in the business world is offshore mobile app development. Today, we’ll explain what it is and highlight the key benefits of this strategy. Furthermore, we will discuss data labeling in the context of mobile application creation and provide information on where to locate the finest developers.

Offshore Mobile App Development Overview and Its Benefits

First, you need to understand what you are working with to assess if offshoring development is ideal for you. Offshoring is a type of collaboration where one company engages a contractor based in a different, generally remote country to execute specific tasks.

In the field of mobile application development, this collaborative approach involves hiring a third-party company to create a perfect app according to your needs and requirements. Such vendors usually offer a comprehensive range of services, namely the development of apps from the ground up, the best UI / UX design implementation, support, and maintenance of mobile solutions.

Typically, businesses choose offshoring because of its cost-effectiveness. No wonder, as this collaboration type allows companies to select a service provider from a country with a cheaper cost of living. Yet, affordable prices aren’t the only benefit of offshore mobile app development. We’ll inform you about some of the extra advantages of this working strategy.

Vast talent pool

The offshore collaboration model provides a fantastic opportunity to hire people from all around the world. Thus, the search for candidates is not limited to a single country; you may locate qualified individuals with considerable expertise anywhere on the globe. It’s especially advantageous because, as we’ll see later, numerous countries are known for their best mobile app developers.

Save time on hiring

With offshore specialists, you no longer need to spend time posting vacancies, conducting interviews, and retaining staff to develop your product. The service provider of your choice will take care of all of these responsibilities.

Focus on key business objectives

When you delegate mobile application development work to a contractor, you have more freedom to oversee critical business processes. You’ll be able to focus on the company’s internal matters and dedicate time to projecting further growth – while a third party creates a product for you.

Excellent service quality 

Some may be wary about offshore development’s quality and prefer to recruit in-house employees. Still, it is crucial to highlight that one of the main benefits of third-party personnel is their vast expertise in implementing mobile solutions. You can start working with a contractor who has been developing great mobile applications for years and will most likely do it for you. Such offshore companies also value their reputation and guarantee the quality of services.

Where to Find Best Mobile App Developers?

Two strengths of offshore mobile app development are financial benefits and the opportunity to locate exceptional talents. Central and Eastern Europe, South America, and Asia are the most attractive locations for establishing offshore operations. 

India, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, and Poland would be the leaders in cost-effectiveness and availability of competent professionals. South America offers the best contractors from Brazil. You may find professionals from junior to mobile app senior in these countries.

Mobile developers must know how to deal with algorithms and artificial intelligence since this is the newest trend. Japan is the indisputable leader in this field, although more accessible professionals from Vietnam and China also work effectively. Ukrainian developers, in particular, deliver flawless services that meet all safety standards. If you’re concerned about the security of your data, this country’s experts are a great option.

There are also specialized freelancing platforms where you may locate outstanding offshore mobile developers in addition to specific countries. Here are the main ones: Fiverr, UpWork, and Toptal.

Data Rating and Labeling and Its Significance for Mobile App Development

Data rating and labeling is a crucial stage in machine learning and artificial intelligence development. With further progress, ML and AI will substantially simplify people’s lives by allowing computers to handle and evaluate massive volumes of data.

The act of marking and categorizing data in different formats, including text, photo, video, and audio, is called data labeling. People do it to gather enough information enabling the education of artificial intelligence to accomplish a particular task. There is also automated data labeling available performed by pre-trained systems. Yet, humans annotate the information more precisely.

Machine learning has a wide range of uses in mobile apps, as the latter serve a variety of roles in almost every aspect of our lives. Image processing, voice recognition, and enhancing the user experience through customized suggestions are some of the most common usages of ML and AI in mobile applications. Algorithms also have the power to keep users’ attention on your app for as long as possible. All of this is beneficial to your business.

Thus, if you plan to use the latest technology of machine learning and artificial intelligence in your applications, we advise you to think about hiring a professional data rating and labeling contractor or big data specialist.


Every year, organizations are becoming more aware of the value of offshore mobile application development. Companies choose this sort of collaboration for a reason, including that it offers several advantages. The main benefits of the offshore approach are cost savings, time effectiveness, access to a wide range of talents, and exceptional quality of services. ML and AI are two of the most recent mobile development breakthroughs. As a result, you should also consider data labeling abilities while creating your application and picking the required candidates.

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