Jan 18th, 2022

When it rains it pours, and the information is definitely starting to flow when it comes to the Galaxy S22 lineup. Samsung is expected to debut its 2022 flagship lineup in early February, but that only means that we’re getting more information and details regarding the upcoming devices. While it’s great to be able to see renders and specs for these devices, it’s even better if you can get a taste ahead of the official unveiling.

Thanks to the team over at XDA Developers, you can now download and use the wallpapers for Samsung’s next series of devices right on your own phone. There are a total of 16 different wallpapers to choose from, with four of the options being available when you use DeX Mode. The rest are static wallpapers that will be available from the Gallery app on launch day.

But taking things a step further, XDA also got its hands on the six different live wallpapers that will be available once the Galaxy S22 hits store shelves. Of course, the method for applying videos as live wallpapers is a bit more in-depth compared to static wallpapers, but at least you have the option now.

We’ve provided a glimpse of what the wallpapers look like, but if you want to download them for yourself in full resolution, just hit the button below.

Download Galaxy S22 Wallpapers

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