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Samsung could finally debut a Galaxy Home Mini that you can buy alongside the Galaxy S22


For years, we’ve been expecting to see Samsung get into the smart speaker business, especially with its constant push of Bixby whenever a new Galaxy phone is released. Outside of releasing a beta version of the Galaxy Home Mini, a Bixby-powered smart speaker has yet to actually be made available for purchase.

It seems that hasn’t stopped Samsung from wanting to try again in the smart speaker space, as Max Jambor has shared that the Galaxy Home Mini 2 “isn’t too far away”. Perhaps the speaker will debut at the expected Galaxy Unpacked next month alongside the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 reveals.

Not much is known about this potential smart speaker release, as Samsung could opt to force users to use Bixby. But it also wouldn’t come as a surprise if Samsung also provided the ability to use the likes of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant instead. According to TechInsider, the speaker will debut on February 9th and could be simply named the Galaxy Home Mini, since the original version never actually made it to market. Additionally, TechInsider claims that “Samsung is only producing a few thousand units right now, since the demand won’t be high at launch.

It’s entirely possible that this upcoming smart speaker is shown off at Galaxy Unpacked, but is limited in release to the company’s home country of South Korea. While it would be interesting to see what Samsung could do in the space, it’s already pretty dominated with Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. Even Apple’s HomePod mini is picking up traction thanks to the lower price compared to the original HomePod.

The original Samsung Galaxy Home was introduced alongside the Galaxy Note 9, with a striking design. However, the speaker never was officially made available, which makes this potential release even more interesting.

Would you pick up a Bixby-powered Galaxy Home Mini? Or would you prefer to stick with Amazon or Google to control all of your smart home accessories and devices?



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