Save up to $100 on the Pixel 6 at Best Buy


It’s a bit surprising, but the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have been extremely difficult to get your hands on, until recently. Following the pre-ordering debacle, Google is finally starting to be able to keep its latest flagship phones in stock, and this goes for select third-party retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

We’re unsure if this is just a testament to how popular the Pixel 6 or if it has more to do with the ongoing global chip shortage. It’s likely a combination of both, but we’re happy to see the phone more readily available from different retailers.

Coming out of nowhere, you can now save up to $100 on the regular Pixel 6 from Best Buy. There are a couple of different deals to be had, including one that shaves $50 off the price when activating an unlocked phone through Best Buy. But those who are T-Mobile or AT&T subscribers can save an extra $50, bringing the price down to just $499 for a limited time.

The Pixel 6 is already an incredible phone at its retail price of $599, complete with an impressive dual-camera setup, the best of Android 12, and a sleek new design. It’s why we still recommend the Pixel 6 over the recently-announced Galaxy S21 FE, as it offers a better value than what Samsung is bringing to the table.

This is really the first major sale we’ve seen on the Pixel 6, and while we wish it didn’t require activation through Best Buy, saving some money is better than not saving anything. Especially with a phone as impressive as the Pixel 6. Hit the button below if you want to grab one of these before the sale is gone, as we don’t know how long it will be available.

Pixel 6 at Best Buy


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