Jan 6th, 2022

Music streaming services have created a new tradition where loyal users eagerly wait to get insights into their listening habits each year. It was made popular by Spotify Wrapped and soon after, YouTube Music joined in as well. There have not been any similar offerings from TV shows and movie streaming services yet but that does not mean you cannot have one, at least as far as Netflix is concerned.

If you have ever wondered how you can find your Netflix Wrapped, you do not need to anymore. This tutorial will tell you about an unofficial online tool that will help you get your Netflix Wrapped 2021. It offers interesting insights like your most binge-watched shows, favorite actors, favorite movies, and more based on your watching habits of last year.

Find your Netflix Wrapped 2021:

  1. Log into your Netflix account and select your user profile.
  2. Visit Account settings and select Viewing Activity within the Profile & Parental Controls section.
  3. Scroll down on your viewing activity page and click Download All.
  4. Your viewing activity will start downloading in CSV file format automatically. If it does not, click the download button to do it manually.
  5. Open the Netflix Wrapped tool by Kapwing in your web browser.
  6. Click the import viewing activity file button and upload the file you downloaded in the fourth step.
  7. It will take some time to compile your results and will present them to you.

Your Netflix Wrapped will begin by revealing the total number of minutes and hours you spent watching Netflix. You can then scroll down to check other insights like the number of movies/TV shows watched, your most binge-watched show, favorite genre, and more.

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