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Want to control how much time your kids spend using phones or tablets? There are services like Google Family Link that can help regulate the time your kids spend on their phones. The only problem with this solution is that it can feel extremely rigid, which some kids might not respond well to.

So how about a more organic way of controlling and regulating screen time? In fact, how about teaching your kids how to regulate themselves? Wouldn’t that be much better? That’s something that Samsung is interested in exploring and as one of the company’s C-Lab projects, they have unveiled an AI solution called Piloto.

Samsung acknowledges that there are already existing solutions in the market, but the problem is that they don’t cater to their actual users, which are the kids themselves. With Piloto, it uses AI which is developed by educators and pediatricians. It involves the use of a digital avatar that helps guide your kids to develop better smartphone habits.

This is because the avatar acts like some kind of companion like a Tamagotchi (for those who remember), where kids have to care for them and put them to bed (which is basically kids putting their phones down). There is even a cute dollhouse charger to help create a more immersive experience.

It also comes with features that ensure your kids have good posture while using their phones, and it also prevents kids from being exposed to inappropriate content.

That being said, as this is part of C-Lab which acts as an incubator of sorts, there’s no guarantee it will be made into an actual product, so it will depend on how well it is received first.

Source: Samsung

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