Dec 29th, 2021 publishUpdated   Dec 30th, 2021, 9:19 am

The small handheld devices that we carry in our pockets all the time offer us more than just simply being a means of communication. The first computer ever created could only solve math problems and it was too heavy to carry around. These tiny modern-day computers that we call smartphones do a lot more than just basic math. 

Think of any everyday problem that you might be facing, you will be surprised to find that there probably is software to help with that out there available for you to download. Google Play Store and Apple App Store contain over 2 million apps up to the present date. And the numbers are continuously increasing. 

Are you bad at managing finances? Can’t cook properly? Lost your phone? Need to scan some important documents? No matter how big or small the issue that you are facing, someone out there has probably made an app to help you fix that.

Down below you will find a list of our top 5 apps that we fear you might be missing out on. Download these apps and take some unnecessary burden off your shoulders.

Pure Tuber

Name one person who is not frustrated due to the overwhelming amount of intrusive ads on YouTube. I guess you probably cannot because everyone is sick of those ads at this point. 

Yes, we all understand that ads are important for YouTube to generate revenues, but recently they have made a change in their policy due to which the number of ads per video has been raised significantly. If YouTube ads were annoying before, they are outright inciting fury now. This is all in their scheme to push more people into buying the subscription to YouTube Premium. 

Well, Pure Tuber can save you from all that trouble. The app allows you to watch any video you would like without any interference from ads. Whether they are obnoxious text ads or loud noisy video ads, you no longer need to worry about any of them. 

Containing the same database as YouTube, Pure Tuber provides a far better viewing experience. You can even sign in on your account to get access to interactive features such as liking, commenting, and making playlists. Moreover, the app is not even going to cost you a single penny.

Live Transcribe

Have you ever had trouble concentrating during class and keeping up with everything your teacher is trying to teach you? You probably take as many notes as you can in case you forget parts of the lecture, which you most often do. But what happens when you are busy writing, you miss some of the information your teacher might be putting forward. Humans are not wired to be good at multitasking. 

What if you were given the option to assign someone else to take notes for you while you solely focus on the lecture? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot better? 

Well, you will be relieved to know that now you can do that! There is an app called Live Transcribe and it converts spoken words to write text. So you can just use the app to take notes of your entire lecture without having to worry about keeping up. The text is available to you three days after you initially save it. You can also share the text with any of your classmates if you would like.

Live Transcribe works for over 80 languages. It was created by students of Gallaudet University to help deaf people comprehend spoken words. Whether you are having a business meeting or an online class, the app works perfectly for anything you might need. 


Are you someone who tries to keep a record of everything lest you forget it? You probably find yourself taking a screenshot of everything from online payments to funny memes from your friends. But you never seem to find that one meme you liked because you saved it ages ago and now it’s lost under a pyramid of countless screenshots. 

You take a screenshot of something hoping that when you need it, it will be right there for you to access easily in your phone gallery. But when has that ever happened? When have you ever successfully found a screenshot under 2 hours?

ScreenshotGo is a lifesaver for all the screenshot hoarders out there struggling to find that one specific screenshot that seems to be lost forever in the abyss. The app works by scanning all your screenshots saved in your phone’s gallery and then saving the text data derived from them. 

So now whenever you need to find any screenshot, you can just search for it through the keywords and it will come up in no time. Moreover, the app also allows you to take further action on the scanned text, such as searching for the products mentioned or opening a link. 

You no longer have to waste hours scrolling through tons of screenshots to find a particular one. ScreenshotGo can save you a lot of time and trouble.


Have you ever wanted to travel abroad but struggled to find enough fun things to make your trip worth it? Planning out trips abroad can be more hectic than it may seem. 

GetYourGuide is an app that can make things a lot easier for you. It can help you find out the best events taking place in the city you are visiting. 

You do not want to find out that your favorite singer was performing at a live concert in the same city but you missed out because you were not aware. With GetYourGuide, find the best events and places to discover during your travel. Make your university exchange program more than just a strict study program. Have the best experience no matter where you are traveling to.


Did you just relocate to a new city and are struggling to find a community? It is human nature to want to connect to other people and socialize. 

Friendable is an app that can help you create new friendship bonds. You can see who lives around you, what they do, and what they are interested in. And if you find someone you like, you can text them to see if they are available to hang out with you.

Meeting new people will require you to get out of your comfort zone but you will find the experience to be wonderful and enjoyable. You can also lookup bars or music festivals to interact with other people. Through this app, you are bound to find the comfort of friendship that you are lacking.