Microsoft Teams for Android is preventing some users from calling 911


In an emergency, dialing 911 is what most of us would do, whether we need the police, ambulance, or firefighters. Unfortunately, it seems that due to a very serious bug with Microsoft Teams, it has been discovered that the bug is actually preventing Android users from calling for help.

This was initially reported by Reddit user u/KitchenPicture5849 who said that they tried to call 911 a couple of weeks ago, but their Pixel 3 phone froze which prevented them from communicating with the 911 operator. Thankfully, they managed to make a call using their landline, but it could have gone a lot worse.

In a later post by Google’s Pixel Community account, it has been revealed that a bug in Microsoft Teams was to blame, and that an “unintended interaction” between the app and Android prevented the call from being placed properly. Google and Microsoft are now said to be working on fixing it and are treating it as a priority.

“Because this issue impacts emergency calling, both Google and Microsoft are heavily prioritizing the issue, and we expect a Microsoft Teams app update to be rolled out soon – as always we suggest users keep an eye out for app updates to ensure they are running the latest version. We will also be providing an Android platform update to the Android ecosystem on January 4.”

In the meantime, if you have to use Teams for work, Google suggests that those on Android 10 and above be signed into their account. If they’re not signed in, they should uninstall and reinstall the app. This is only a workaround while we wait for the bug to be patched, which hopefully won’t take too long.

Source: Android Police

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