Nov 30th, 2021 publishUpdated   Dec 2nd, 2021, 5:26 pm

For many of us, our smartphone is the main way we stay in touch with the outside world, connect to the internet, and play video games. Even hardcore gamers with the latest console will regularly play on their phones when out and about. The improved processing power and internet connections of today’s mobiles make this possible, but sometimes there’s still a capability gap between your phone and the latest games.

Race to the top

Sometimes it can feel like a never-ending race as both phone specs and game sophistication are continually improving. In most cases, this is a win-win situation for the on-phone gamer, but occasionally you find a game is demanding more of your smartphone than it’s willing to give. Improved graphics, gameplay, and other features are great, but they need a lot of support.


While games you download to your phone are designed with your device in mind, games you stream online may not be optimized for your mobile. You won’t always find this problem with internet gaming, though. Provided you’ve got a good connection, you should be able to play US Poker on most phones. But sometimes, even games that should work on your phone might lag or crash when you least want them to.

One of the first things you should do is to check that you’ve got the best possible internet connection. If it’s not fast enough, this could cause lagging and buffering. Even if you’ve downloaded the game as an app, some elements might require an online connection. You also want your internet to be reliable: the last thing you need is for your connection to go down just as you’ve unlocked that final level! A better wi-fi or mobile data connection could improve your experience immeasurably.


Most Android phones let you change your screen refresh rate. Normally, this is set low to give you optimum battery life. By going to Settings > Display > Advanced, you can turn it up to the highest level. This will make game graphics look much better and animations run more smoothly.

If your phone supports Force X, enabling this will also improve your gaming experience. Again, this is usually disabled to save on battery. You’ll need to sign into your phone as a developer and make changes to the system settings to enable this.


It’s time to go full Marie Kondo on your phone so that all power is directed to the things that fill you with joy, i.e., all the latest games for mobile. Clear away any junk files, uninstall unwanted apps, and delete photos and video (or upload them to the cloud, or your laptop). As with any device, the less clutter you have, the smoother your phone will run.


Having said that, you can also improve your phone’s performance by installing apps, specifically game boosters that will optimize your phone for gaming by gently tweaking its parameters. You can also add external hardware like a Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller that clips right onto your phone for a better user interface.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy playing games on your phone even more. It’s amazing what a few simple adjustments can do to give you the best possible gaming experience.